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Sejahtera Club is a co-curricular education initiative led by RCE Penang and facilitated by primary and secondary schools, which has been created with the aim of developing students’ leadership capabilities in ESD. The clubs take place at schools in the afternoons and are focused on the development of third order skills. RCE Penang provides 1-1 support and guidance to schools and teachers to develop ESD projects and resources for the clubs. Three core elements of Kelab Sejahtera are leadership, Sejahtera Concept and ESD. With these core elements, sustainable-based projects among the school children will be interpreted in five different modules; environment, healthy life style, culture and heritage, economy and community. ESD is one of the main drivers towards the concept of Sejahtera by playing its own role to disseminate and strengthen the idea of Sejahtera Living among the community. The project is a hope to spark the sustainable lifestyle and awareness in a more sustainable ecosystem.