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Centre for Global Sustainability Studies (CGSS) is designed to work with all other relevant sections of USM, regional and international sustainability organizations, national and regional governments, private sector, civil society groups and NGOs to promote sustainable development, paying particular attention to the disempowered bottom billion.

Time and holisticism is of the essence. Accordingly, CGSS has built its foundation and made the crucial decision to take on roles in sustainability. The time has now come for CGSS to enter the next phase of its sustainability mission, in producing tangible impacts and becoming a major player in the field of sustainability.

The commitment and clear understanding of CGSS’ vision and mission collectively form the Centre’s biggest assets toward achieving this role, and although affiliations and cooperation with other entities are warmly welcomed, it is nonetheless CGSS’ mission to ensure the attainment of its sustainability goals. Such lofty aims require tremendous amounts of team effort, passion and support from every individual on the team. That being said, individual efforts in fostering and nurturing sustainability are recognized and encouraged as fundamental in creating team success.

The Centre also recognizes that a balanced environment consisting of strong software, hardware and financial support is crucial in propagating an effortless and lively work environment. Accordingly, new innovative ideas leaning toward cost-effectiveness will be a key feature of this work environment i.e., the satisfying of livelihood needs for all forming the core of the Centre’s every decision.
The Centre’s research will be guided by a finely-tuned balance between state-of-the-art developments in Science and Technology as well as the needs facing Humanity today. It is only natural therefore that local practices are included in the move toward enhancing a global shift with education, training, multimedia and lobbying functioning as Agents of Change.


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