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With our focused 'Policy Discussion Series' which has already taken root and thriving, journal and book publications, the Sustainability Working Paper Series will give CGSS 360 degree coverage of sustainability publications. One day, this could very well become the forerunner of an 'e-journal of sustainability studies' from CGSS!

Why Working Papers?

Academics are well aware of the fact that it will take considerable time between the completion of a research paper and its publication in a reputed journal. At present it is hard to find good quality journals to publish sustainability results; harder still to find normal journals agreeing to publish sustainability articles. It will take a while for this situation to change, because sustainability is still seen by many as a soft research option. While waiting for the world to change, there is something, we thought that can be done quickly and that is to start with a CGSS Sustainability Working Paper Series.

What are Working Papers?

Working papers are pre-publication versions of academic articles, book chapters, reviews, project reports, conference papers, news paper articles, results of supervised graduate work or any manuscript that has not been accepted for peer reviewed publication yet.

Some Popular Working Paper Series

The World Bank's 'Policy Research Working Paper Series' is a very popular case in point. They publish numerous WPs relevant for SD in general. University of Oxford's CSAE (Centre for the Study of African Economies) WP series is also mirrored in the website of Berkeley Electronic Press. The 'Princeton/Stanford WP series in classics' is a classical example of very popular WPs in their area of choice.

Possible Quick Benefits

If we start a similar web-based Working Paper portal, this will provide USM staff and Postgraduate students an avenue to share their research findings in sustainability, solicit comments from colleagues on their work or to simply place their papers here for the benefit of others at our site until better publication opportunities arise. In fact, Working Papers usually serve as a catalyst for the development of good quality journal publications.

Not Yet Ready?

Not To Worry, You could also post 'Opinion', 'Notes' etc as well. These must address sustainability challenges.



How to get it published?

Please send your article/s to us. All papers are pre-screened before posting.

Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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