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Book Publications


SAM: Sustainability Assessment Methodology



A Selected Compendium of SEASN Member's Research
Publications on WEHAB+3 (Energy) Ebook. To download, click here.


A Selected Compendium of SEASN Member's Research
Publications on 
WEHAB+3 (Water). To download, click here.


A Selected Conpendium of USM Research Publication On WEHAB+3


Post Rio+20 On WEHAB+3: A South East Asian Perspective


 A Selected Literature Review Of USM Research Publications on WEHAB+3


Disaster Risk Management For Sustainable Development

wehab1F wehab1B

USM-APEX Sustainability Roadmap

 ccF ccB

Climate Change, Biofuels and Food Security
Albert Sasson

 nemF nemB

 Implementation of the New Economic Model: The Role of Education for 
Sustainable Development in Building Knowledge Base Infrastructure 

Kanayathu Chacko Koshy, Salfarina Abdul Gapor & Suzyrman Sibly

frontendF frontendB

Transforming Malaysia’s Economy Towards Achieving a High Income Society:
Establishing a Front End Industrial Base

Jacqueline Liza Clarence B. Fernandez, Kamarulazizi Ibrahim,
Salfarina Abdul Gapor,Suzyrman Sibly &
Tunku Fatimah Firdaus Dato' Tunku Fa

edF edB

The Ethical Dimension of Sustainability in Higher Education: 
Applying the Principles of the Earth Charter in Malaysia and Beyond

Brandon P. Hollingshead, Hezri Ahmad Adnan, Joseph 
P. Weakland,
Kanayathu Chacko Koshy, Peter Blaze Corcoran & Zakri Abdul Hamid


healthF healthB

Health Care, Food and Nutrition: Opportunities and Challenges for the 
Life Sciences and Biotechnology 

Albert Sasson


6 SDGs CGSS Proposal

6 SDGs: CGSS Proposal to UN OWG



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