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Dr Suzyrman Sibly

Dr Suzyrman2

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Dr Mohd Sayuti Hassan


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1. Research on any issues of Sustainable Tourism related to Social, Environment & Economy 
2. Sustainable Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries (Micro Credit) 
3. Community engagement research that supports mutual respect of values, strategies, and actions for people 
4. Sustainable Development research on Issues & Challenging 
5. Disaster Risk Management : Research on Governance (Best Practices)
6. Research  for IT on governance, control, assurance, security professionals and the critical roles of IT in business

Dr Ng Theam Foo


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1. Disaster Risk Management and Climate Change: Modelling and Optimisation using Evolutionary Computation and Machine Learning 
2. Educational for Sustainable Development: Characterising Human-Machine Behaviours and Cognitive using Artificial Intelligence

3. Renewable and Sustainable Energy: Decision-making and Multi-criteria Evaluation Problems based on Fuzzy Measure and Fuzzy Integral Approaches.

Dr Noor Adelyna Mohammed Akib

dr adelyna

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1. Population Genetics
2. Sustainable Fisheries
3. Sustainable Development (Biodiversity)

Dr Radieah Mohd Nor

 dr radieah

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1. Penilaian Semula Program 1AZAM Kerajaan Pusat Bagi Masyarakat Bandar Pulau Pinang. 
2. Model Pemantauan Menggunakan Sistem Informasi Geografi untuk Memperkasa Golongan B40 di Bandar-bandar Negeri Wilayah Utara Semenanjung Malaysia.

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