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In the long run, the Centre will be instrumental in mainstreaming SD/ESD at USM. This involves the informed inclusion of relevant SD concerns into the strategies, policies and rules of USM as an institution and applying ESD principles and practices to build capacity for action. Thus, the following summarizes the main scope of CGSS:

  • Focal Point for all things SD/ESD
  • Incubation Centre to promote SD transformation
  • Science – Humanities linkages/Interdisciplinarity
  • Global Networking on SD/ESD

Articulated in some detail, this would mean that the Centre is expected to develop into a major one-stop-shop for all things related to SD/ESD at USM, as itemized below:

  • A significant niche: a niche (an incubation Centre) within USM looking for niches outside for interaction to promote sustainability transitions
  • Major focus: teaching, training, research in specialized sustainability areas; networking, policy interactions, community engagement, publication and communication (advocacy) and consultancy
  • A renowned ESD Centre: to promote ESD within APEX, UNDESD/UNU RCE-Penang, API, ProSPER.Net, MDP, national and regional education strategies
  • A Global Sustainability Centre: to deal with globally relevant SD issues, indented to forge partnerships globally, designed to have a global faculty and student body, address its thematic priority areas in a globally significant and locally relevant context
  • A science/ humanities link: a science-technology-innovation (STI) Centre primarily and, a Centre that promotes science-policy interactions and a focal point within USM for all things SD
  • An Inter/ Multi/ Trans (IMT) Disciplinary Centre: that links disciplinary expertise with IMT perspectives and skills to address more complex SD challenges

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