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Dr. Suzyrman Sibly

    Dr Suzyrman full           


Ph.D. University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel: +604-653 4122

Research Profile:
Labour Economics, Economics, Personnel Economics, Event History Analysis




Dr Suzyrman Sibly  is the Director of the Centre for Global Sustainability Studies (CGSS), Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). He received his Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom. He has taught courses in Introduction to Economics and Microeconomics in the School of Distance Education. He has authored articles in the Management and Decision Economics journal and the Higher Education Research Monograph (NAHERI). He has also been involved in a number of consultancy type as well as fieldwork type research projects such as the Enhancing The Quality of Faculty in Private Higher Education Institutions (PHEIs) in Malaysia project, The Malay Indigenous Entrepreneur Information System under Penang Regional Development Authority (PERDA) project and conducted data collection for The Wellness and Quality of Life: Tackling Lifestyle and Health Issues using New Technologies in Penang and Kelantan project.



1.Sibly, S., Rahim, A. A., Fizri, F. F. A., Manaf, N. A., & Othman, M. 2014. Sustainability Assessment Methodology: Measuring Universiti Sains Malaysia’s Transformation to a Sustainability-led University. Intergenerational Learning and Transformative Leadership for Sustainable Futures, 329.

2. Sibly. S, Kamarulazizi. I, Koshy. K, and Marlinah.M . 2014. Environmental Education and Curriculum Development: Towards A Sustainability-led University. Proceedings of the 1st Regional Conference On Campus Sustainability 2014, Malaysia, pp 16

3. Kamarulazizi. I, Abdul Manaf. N, Koshy.K, Sibly. S, Poverty Reduction for Sustainable Development: Evidence-based Solutions  from Malaysia’s Inclusive Growth, International conference on Sustainable Development Practice, Columbia University, New York, 17-18 Sep, 2014; Conference Proceedings

4. Fizri, F. F. A., Rahim, A. A., Sibly, S., Koshy, K. C., & Nor, N. M. (2014). Strengthening the Capacity of Flood-Affected Rural Communities in Padang Terap, State of Kedah, Malaysia. In Sustainable Living with Environmental Risks (pp. 137-145). Springer Japan.

5. Suzyrman Sibly, Kamarulazizi Ibrahim, Kanayathu C. Koshy, Marlinah Muslim 'Environmental Education and Curriculum Development: Towards a Sustainability-led University' 1st Regional Conference on Campus Sustainability 2014 (1RCCS), Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. 7th – 9th April., 2014.


1. Koshy, K. C., Nor, N. M., Sibly, S., Rahim, A. A., Jegatesen, G., & Muhamad, M. (2013). An indicator-based approach to sustainability monitoring and mainstreaming at Universiti Sains Malaysia. In Sustainability Assessment Tools in Higher Education Institutions (pp. 237-258). Springer International Publishing.


1. Norizan Md Nor, Suzyrman Sibly, Asirah Abd Rahim…& Ahmad Firdaus Ahmad Shabudin (2012). Mengukur Kelestarian Sebuah Universiti APEX. In Inisiatif - Inisiatif Terpilih Universiti APEX. Penang: Penerbit USM. 


1. Salfarina Abdul Gapor, Suzyrman Sibly, Jacqueline Liza Clarence B. Fernandez, Tunku Fatimah Firdaus Dato Tunku Fariddudin and Kamarulazizi Ibrahim (2011) “USM-APEX” Transforming Malaysia’s Economy Towards Achieving a high Income Society: Establishing a Front-End Industrial Base, Centre for Global Sustainability Studies, USM: Penang (48 pages)


1. Suzyrman Sibly, Salfarina Abdul Gapor and Kanayathu C.Koshy (2010) Implementation of the New Economic Model: The Role of Education for Sustainable Development in Building Knowledge Base Infrastructure, Centre for Sustainability Studies, USM: Penang (28 pages).

Research Grant

As Principle Investigator

1. Disaster Risk Management: A Development of Disaster Preparedness Model for Hospitals towards Sustainable Development; FRGS Ministry of Higher Education; November 2015 - November 2017; Ongoing.

As Co-Researcher

1. Towards Coming Up With A Holistic Model of Internationalisation of Businesses Using Malaysian Contractors As The Test-Bed, USM (RU), RM40,000.00, Abdul Rashid Bin Abdul Aziz , 22/10/2007-20/6/2010

2. Mapping and Identifying Vulnerable Groups to Food Insecurity Using Vulnerability and Adaptability (V&A) Methods: Case Study of Paddy Areas in MADA and non-MADA Area, Kedah, KEMENTERIAN PENGAJIAN TINGGI, RM50,000.00, Tarmiji Bin Masron , 15/8/2011-14/2/2014

3. Mempertingkat Keupayaan IKS ke arah Mencapai Matlamat Industri Hijau, APEX, RM11,500.00, Asyirah Binti Abdul Rahim , 1/10/2012-30/9/2014

4. Development of Ecosystem Services Model for Socio-Ecological Wellbeing of Selected Cities in the Northern Region of Peninsular Malaysia, KEMENTERIAN PENGAJIAN TINGGI, RM84,000.00, Asyirah Binti Abdul Rahim , 1/7/2014-30/6/2016

5. Kajian Kesedaran Golongan Belia Pulau Pinang Terhadap Kelestarian, USM (RU), RM99,270.00, Ng Theam Foo , 31/12/2014-31/12/2016

6. Governance for disaster risk reduction: Integrated Governance Approaches to Flood Disaster Management in Malaysia using Risk Reduction Tools Leading to Sustainable Development", KEMENTERIAN PENGAJIAN TINGGI, RM80,700.00, Mohd Sayuti Bin Hassan , 1/4/2015-30/4/2016

7. A Vulnerability and Adaptation Approach for Flood Disaster in Padang Terap District, Kedah Towards Rakyat Sejahtera,USM,243734.83, 1/4/2011 - 1/4/2012

8. Enhancing Sustainable Living within Universiti Sains Malaysia and its Neighboring Communities.,USM,301265.17, 1/4/2011 - 1/4/2012

9. Projek Kajian Impak Program Pemindahan Ilmu (KTP) Terhadap Pembangunan Akademia Melalui Permohonan, Inovasi, Penyelidikan, Pengajaran, Pembelajaran dan Perundingan, Knowledge Transfer Programme, Monitoring Secretariat, Ministry of Education,250000, 15/9/2015 - 14/9/2017



1. Global Classroom: Integrated Approaches to Sustainable Development, NDP501

2. Research Methods for Sustainable Development, NDP502

3. Project Design Evaluation and Management, NDP503

4. Economic Analysis for Sustainable Development, NDP517


1. Introduction to Economics, JKE101

2. Microeconomics, JTW107

3. Sustainability: Issues, Challenges and Prospects,WSU101

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