What is Sustainable Development?

"Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own need." 

              - World Commission on Environment and Development’s report 
(the Brundtland Commission) Our Common Future, 
Oxford University Press, 1987

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PWDC Presentation Slides

2-3 August 2017 | Olive Tree Hotel, Penang 


1. MDGs to SDGs by Dr Suzyrman Sibly

2. SDGs Environmental Pillar by Dr Ng Theam Foo

3. SDGs Social Pillar by Ms Normaliza Abdul Manaf

4. SDGs Economic Pillar by Dr Mohd Sayuti Hassan 

World Cafe

1. Group 1

2. Group 2

3. Group 3

9-10 August 2017 | Vistana Hotel, Penang


1. MDGs to SDGs by Dr Suzyrman Sibly

2. SDGs Environmental Pillar by Dr Ng Theam Foo

3. SDGs Social Pillar by Ms Normaliza Abdul Manaf

4. SDGs Economic Pillar by Dr Mohd Sayuti Hassan 

World Cafe

1. Group 1

2. Group 2

3. Group 3

CGSS Event Calendar

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