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Dr. Ng Theam Foo


B.Sc (Hons) Mathematics & M.Sc (Statistics), USM 
Ph.D., University of New South Wales

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel: +604-653 5425

Research Profile: 
Artificial Neural Network, Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence


Dr Ng Theam Foo obtained his B.Sc (Hons) Mathematics in 2002, and M.Sc (Statistics) in 2006 from Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), Penang, Malaysia. He received his Ph.D degree from the University of New South Wales, Australia in 2012. Since 2002, he has been with the School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Engineering Campus, USM, Nibong Tebal, Penang, Malaysia. He is now with the Centre for Global Sustainability Studies (CGSS), USM, Penang, Malaysia, where he is currently as a senior lecturer. His research interest is in the area of education for sustainable development, disaster risk management, machine learning, pattern recognition, computational intelligence, artificial intelligence, image processing and mathematics.



1. Bashir, M., Rajendran, P., Ng, T. F., & Wang, S. L. (2016). Outline for Mission-based Morphing Evaluation with Smart Material Technology. International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, 11(6), 4012-4016.

2. Fatin Nabilla Ariffin, Ahmad Firdaus Ahmad Shabudin, Ng Theam Foo, Maurice Ian Wee San, Mohd Sayuti Hassan, Measuring the Effectiveness of Sustainability-Related Course toward Strengthening the University's Sustainability Strategy in Teaching and Learning Programme, Universiti Sains Malaysia, 2016

3. Fatin Nabilla Ariffin, Ahmad Firdaus Ahmad Shabudin, Ng Theam Foo, Maurice Ian Wee San, Understanding and Opinions towards Environmental Sustainability amongst Higher Education Students in Penang, Malaysia, Universiti Sains Malaysia, 2016.


1. Mohd Sayuti Hassan; Theam Foo Ng; Ahmad Firdaus Ahmad Sabudin; Mohd Hafiz Ali Mohd Anuar; Kamarulazizi Ibrahim, Promoting and implementing the concept of Education for Sustainability Development (ESD) in Sungai Rusa Village, Penang, Australia College of Applied Psychology, 2015

2. Mohd Sayuti Hassan, Zikri Muhammad, Kamarulazizi Ibrahim, Ng Theam Foo, Knowledge And Practice Of Flood Disaster Preparedness And Response Among Kelantan Coastal Community, Universiti Malaysia Terengganu, 2015

3. Mohd Sayuti Hassan, Kamarulazizi Ibrahim, Kanayathu Chacko Koshy, Suzyrman Sibly, Noor Adelyna Mohammed Akib, Ng Theam Foo , Issues And Challenges In The Design Of Sustainability for Curriculum Using WUSA, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, 2015

4. Maurice Ian Wee, Fatin Nabilla Ariffin, Theam Foo Ng, Ahmad Firdaus Ahmad Shabudin, Awareness and Attitudes towards Sustainable Development amongst Higher Education Students in Penang, Malaysia, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, 2015

5. Theam Foo Ng; Mohd Sayuti Hassan; Ahmad Firdaus Ahmad Shabudin; Marlinah Muslim; Kamarulazizi Ibrahim, Energy consumption in student hostels of Universiti Sains Malaysia: Energy audit and energy efficiency awareness, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, 2015



1. Haidi Ibrahim, Theam Foo Ng, Introducing MATLAB to Electronic Engineering Undergraduates through Three Weeks Laboratory Sessions, International Journal of Online Engineering, 2014, 10, 2, 6

2. Boon Tatt Koik, Haidi Ibrahim and Theam Foo Ng, 2014, Accentuate of Bright Structures onto Image Thumbnail using Dilated Intensity Projection, , The 3rd International Conference on Computer Engineering & Mathematical Sciences (ICCEMS 2014), Langkawi, Malaysia, 48-51


1. T.F. Ng, D. Jiang, X. Jia, D. Paull, and H. Wang, "Change Detection for Sustainability Monitoring Using Satellite Remote Sensing Data", in the Third International Conference on Digital Information Processing and Communications (ICDIPC2013), Islamic Azad University, Dubai, UAE, 30th Jan to 1st Feb., 2013.

2. Theam Foo Ng, Tuan D. Pham, Xiuping Jia, Donald Fraser, Fuzzy Knowledge-Based Subspace Clustering for Life Science Data Analysis, Knowledge-Based Systems in Biomedicine and Computational Life Science, Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2013, 37

3. Kamarulazizi Ibrahim; Kanayathu Koshy; Suzyrman Sibly; Asyirah Abdul Rahim; Ng Theam Foo; Fera Fizani; Normaliza; Mohd Sayuti; Norshah Rizal; Marlinah Muslim; Nor Ariza; Norshafinas; Ahmad Firdaus;, 2013, A Selected Literature Review of USM Research Publications on WEHAB+3, Centre for Global Sustainability Studies, USM, 58


1. Haidi Ibrahim, Kuo Chue Neo, Sin Hoong Teoh, Theam Foo Ng, Derek Chan Juinn Chieh, Nik Fakhuruddin Nik Hassan, Impulse noise model and its variations, International Journal of Computer and Electrical Engineering, 2012, 4, 5, 647-650

2. Theam Foo Ng, Xiuping Jia, Tuan D Pham, 2012, Weighted features for cluster space classificaton of hyperspectral images, , 2012 4th Workshop on Hyperspectral Image and Signal Processing, Evolution in Remote Sensing (WHISPERS 2012), Shanghai, China, 1-4

3. Theam Foo Ng, Tuan D Pham, Xiuping Jia, Feature interaction in subspace clustering using the Choquet integral, Pattern Recognition, 2012, 45, 7, 2645-2660


1. Haidi Ibrahim, Theam Foo Ng and Sin Hong Teoh, An efficient implementation of switching median filter with boundary discriminative noise detection for image corrupted by impulse noise, Scientific Research and Essays, 2011, 6, 26, 5523-5533


1. Theam Foo Ng, Tuan D Pham, Changming Sun, 2010, Automated feature weighting in fuzzy declustering-based vector quantization, , 2010 20th International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR), Istanbul, Turkey, 686-689

2. Theam Foo Ng, Tuan D Pham, Xiaobo Zhou, 2010, Justification of fuzzy declustering vector quantization modeling in classification of genotype-image phenotypes, , 2009 International Symposium on Computational Models for Life Sciences, CMLS 2009, Sofia, Bulgaria, 119-130

Research Grant

As Principal Investigator

1. Kajian Kesedaran Golongan Belia Pulau Pinang Terhadap Kelestarian; RUI USM; December 2014 - December 2016

2. A Heuristic Evolutionary base Model for Flood Disaster Logistic Scheduling; FRGS Ministry of Higher Education; November 2015 - November 2017

3. Investigation of Artificial Intelligence in Influencing Human Cognitive for Sustainable Development in Education; USM Short-term Research Grant; November 2014 - November 2016

As Co-Reseacher

1. Governance for disaster risk reduction: Integrated Governance Approaches to Flood Disaster Management in Malaysia using Risk Reduction Tools Leading to Sustainable Development", KEMENTERIAN PENGAJIAN TINGGI, RM80,700.00, Mohd Sayuti Bin Hassan , 1/4/2015-30/4/2016

 2. Investigating Machine Behaviour Through The Computational Red Teaming Framework, Ministry of Education Malaysia,67000.5, 1/10/2013 - 1/1/2016



1. Energy Infrastructure Planning, NDP516

Under- Graduate

1. Mathematics I, IUK191

2. Mathematics II, IUK291

3. Probability and Engineering Statistics, 2, 2013, 3, 110

4. Advanced Engineering Calculus, 2, 2013, 3, 154

5. Mathematics 1, 1, 2013, 1, 118

6. Matematik 1, 1, 2014, 2, 139

7. Matematik II, 2, 2015, 2, 34

8. Matematik I, 1, 2015, 2, 30


1. Najah Binti Ghazali,PhD, A Study of Computerize Orthodontic and Braces System

2. Fatin Nabilla Binti Ariffin, Master (Research), Sustainable Development (SD) Awareness, Understanding, and Practices among Secondary School Students and Teachers in Penang,



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